Update from President DiClemente (6-29-20):

Update from President DiClemente (6-29-20):
June 30, 2020

Sisters and Brothers, please take note of the following updates:

DISPLACEMENTS: Displacements for each unit have concluded with the exception of clerical staff, which will take place on Tuesday, June 30th beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Displacements will take place by phone. You must be available the entire day and answer your phone when called or you will lose your place in line to select a new work location. If the number on file with the District is not current, please contact the union office at 458-8670 to update your number or to make sure the number on file is accurate.

GRIEVANCE DECISION: The Union has received a Level II decision on Grievance #667 (see attached) regarding additional pay for members who were required to work during the pandemic. The grievance was denied. The BENTE Grievance Committee met last Friday and decided to advance the case to arbitration. A labor attorney will be presenting the case to the arbitrator and the arbitrator’s decision will be binding.

UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE SCAM: Fake unemployment claims have been filed on behalf of district employees who never filed the claim. From what we can tell, the employees had their information hacked elsewhere and the information was used to file a false claim with the RCSD. The District has been reaching out to the employees to notify them if they received a claim in their name. The employee can then submit a labor fraud reporting form to the NYS Labor Department.

RETIREMENT INCENTIVE BUZZ: While there is a bill for a NYS retirement incentive that was introduced in the Assembly and the Senate, Governor Cuomo has yet to weigh in on the discussion and he has been opposed to retirement incentives in the past. Nothing is imminent, and AFSCME is keeping a close eye on this in Albany. I will keep you posted with any updates.

For more information, here is a story from the Albany Times Union.

LABOR DAY PARADE: This year’s Labor Day Parade has been canceled by the Rochester Labor Council due to the pandemic.

Thank you for everything you do and have a great summer!

If you have an issue or comment, please do not hesitate to e-mail me directly at dan@bentelocal2419.org.

In Solidarity,

Daniel DiClemente, President


“The Support Staff that Supports Students”

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