All too often, support staff personnel have been overlooked or the vital role that they play in the overall efficiency and day-to-day operation of the schools. The fact is, without support staff, schools would not be able to function at all. Bus Attendants see to it that your child is safe to enter a bus driven by one of over seventy fully trained RCSD Bus Drivers. Upon arrival to the school, your child will probably proceed to the cafeteria, where food service workers are serving a breakfast prepared by BENTE members at Central Kitchen; delivered by BENTE Truck Drivers. Sentries ensure a safe learning environment for your child by scanning unruly students for weapons or drugs and serving as peace keepers throughout the day. Despite the mountain of work placed upon their shoulders, clerical staff are never too busy to stop and help direct parents and students. In class, your child will pick up a book or use a pen and paper that has been ordered, stocked, and delivered by the diligent workers at the district’s Storehouse. Your child might require a qualified occupational or physical therapist to assist in developing his/her motor skills at an age when the need is crucial. BENTE Project Workers collect data and visit homes to assist families in the hopes of impressing upon the importance of attendance. Custodial staff works well into the evening to ensure the cleanliness of over sixty buildings. Plant Maintenance personnel removes graffiti, repairs windows, doors, floors, walls, ceilings, plumbing, electrical, and so on. The Grounds Department is responsible for removing snow, cutting grass, raking leaves, trimming hedges, and maintaining athletic fields and playgrounds; setting the standard for the appearance of surrounding neighborhoods. At night, when everyone else is sleeping, BENTE Security Officers patrol the city streets and protect the schools from vandalism. Support Staff at Central Office provide essential services such as payroll, accounting, printing, MIS, budget, legal, HR, SSS, and more. So let it be known… that on this seventh day of March 2003, and every first Friday in the months hereafter, BENTE SUPPORT STAFF MEMBERS will be recognized as having a day that they can finally call their own.

The first Friday of every month is BENTE Day, when you can win a twenty-dollar gift certificate just for wearing your BENTE tee shirt (or other BENTE paraphernalia)!

Since it is impossible to see every single member who is wearing their BENTE shirt on BENTE Day, you must fax or send your name to the Union Office. The names are then placed in a hat and five lucky winners are drawn at the membership meet-ing each month. That’s right, you can win a $10 gift certificate just for wearing your BENTE tee shirt on BENTE DAY! Also be on the lookout for certain months when BENTE Day winners can win additional items! So don’t get left out in the cold, warm up with BENTE and win!!!

Bente Day