Professional Development

Professional development funds are designated for paying the costs of registration, or in-service training, travel, meals and accommodations required for seminars, workshops or conferences, which would relate to the employee’s position or promotional opportunities in the RCSD; pending availability of funds.

BENTE Staff Development Application Forms must be submitted a minimum of THIRTY (30) days in advance to the Educational Coordinator at the BENTE Union Office.

Upon receipt of request, the Educational Coordinator will send a correspondence to the member. If access to the funds is denied, the correspondence will state the reason for the denial.

Upon completion of the seminar/workshop, original receipts must be forwarded to the BENTE Educational Coordinator within ten (10) working days.

A BENTE Member may access the funds if he/she has been an employee of the district for at least one (1) year. For trainings that are required in order for an employee to comply with regulations related to employment, the one (1) year requirement may be waved.

In the event a conference draws a number of employees, members who have not drawn on the staff development funds will be considered first.

Any request of reimbursement totaling more than $300.00 shall be brought to the chair officers for approval. The Chair Officers, on an individual request basis, will approve all travel expenses. Mileage, if approved, will be reimbursed per the current non-taxable rate. Chair Officer(s) attending the seminar/workshop shall abstain from the approval process.

Every effort will be made to pre-pay seminars/workshops in advance. In general, members should be prepared to pay all fees/costs in advance and then be reimbursed. Monies are reimbursable upon completion of seminar/workshop. Please be patient while waiting for reimbursement, as the process takes time and is subject to RCSD accounting procedures.

Members are required to follow district policy and procedures governing conference and travel when accessing staff development funds.

Professional development funds may also be used to cover the cost of classes, which are required for licensing, or certification related to the member’s current job or promotional opportunities in the RCSD. Staff development monies do not cover the cost of textbooks or materials.

Funds will not be used to cover license renewal fees.

When given THIRTY (30) days advanced notice and whenever possible, fees will be paid in advance with any additional compensation due to the member to be reimbursed following completion of event and submission of required documents.

Individual members will be limited to $1000 per school year, unless otherwise approved by the chair officers pending determination of availability of funds. The supervisor should sign the Business Advance form to indicate approval.

Members are responsible to notify the Union and seminar/workshop if they are unable to attend. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in reimbursement to the Union for any cost incurred and/or denied access to future requests to access staff development funds.

Failure to comply with the above-mentioned guidelines may result in loss of reimbursement.

For more information on professional development, please e-mail your Educational Coordinator, Weezy Landry, at

Professional Development Consent Form