Update from President DiClemente (5-7-20): Budget, Year End, and Other Information

Update from President DiClemente (5-7-20): Budget, Year End, and Other Information
May 7, 2020

Sisters and Brothers, please take note of the following updates:

SUPERINTENDENT NAMED: The Democrat & Chronicle is reporting that the District has hired a new superintendent that will be announced next week. Former Brockport Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small, who became the assistant commissioner of school reform and innovation in the State Education Department, will be the next permanent superintendent for the RCSD. In her role in Albany, Myers-Small has been responsible for monitoring efforts to turn around struggling schools across the state, including 13 in RCSD.

Before her seven-year tenure at Brockport, Myers-Small spent five years as assistant superintendent in Ithaca. She has also worked as an administrator in Greece and began her career in RCSD as a guidance counselor and house administrator at John Marshall High School and Wilson Magnet High School.

Her start date has not yet been set.

BUDGET: The Board of Education voted six in favor and one against (Commissioner LeBron) to approve former Superintendent Dade’s 2020-2021 budget.

The Union will be working with HCI in the coming weeks regarding any layoffs and displacements. We will contact all of the members who are affected to inform them of their rights during this process. All displacements will be conducted in accordance with the applicable provisions of our Collective Bargaining Agreement and Monroe County Civil Service Law.

The Union is working with HCI to secure a date and time for those being displaced to pick a new location in order of seniority.

STAFF REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: Governor Cuomo has issued an order for schools to be closed in New York State for the remainder of the year.

Plant Maintenance, Custodial, and some Central Office staff have returned to work this week. Food Service Workers have been reporting to work since the shutdown on a rotating basis, as have School Safety Officers and Custodial staff at locations where food is being served.

The District is starting to initiate a process for closing schools, whether it be due to relocation or just simply closing for the school year. This will require staff to be called into work based upon the plan initiated by the individual school.

Schools that are relocating, permanently closing, or returning to a renovated building have a goal of packing up by May 29th.

Schools that are simply closing for the school year will have a plan developed by the Principal that is approved by the School Chief and shared with the Supervisor of Plant Operations. Plans and schedules for individual staff members returning to work will vary by location. All staff should be available to return to work when called upon.

SAFETY: Our number one priority is your safety. If you have any concerns or witness something that is unsafe, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We do everything we can to ensure that the District complies with guidelines set by the state. While plans may vary by school, the following items will be in effect at every location:

  • Anyone entering the building must have a face covering. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Hand Sanitizer will be available at all locations.
  • Staff members will only be allowed in the building during their scheduled time using only one point of exit and entry.
  • School Safety Officer(s) will be assigned to all buildings during this time period to maintain the integrity of the single point of entry, correct utilization of PPE, and monitor any visitors with building administration.

FUNDING: The last spending bill that was passed by Congress did nothing to alleviate the lack of funding that state and local governments will endure due to COVID-19. School Districts could face a twenty percent reduction in funding. Meanwhile, the state budget that was passed gives Governor Cuomo extraordinary executive powers, which includes a provision to “clawback” money that is already allocated to the RCSD.

The ability for the governor to take back money throughout the year creates a volatile work environment, as money that is already allocated to the District for the 2020-2021 fiscal year can be taken away.

Please urge your representative in Congress to support a fourth bill that includes unrestricted aid to local governments. Without it, we are facing much tougher times ahead.

If you have an issue or comment, please do not hesitate to e-mail me directly at dan@bentelocal2419.org.

Stay safe. 

In Solidarity,

Daniel DiClemente, President


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