Unions Fighting Active Employee Health Care Rates

Unions Fighting Active Employee Health Care Rates
November 6, 2015

All four unions are fighting Chief Financial Officer Bill Ansbrow's unilateral decision to raise health care rates 7.8% despite the fact that data on insurance claims last year dictate the rates should increase 2.69%.

"How this guy still has a job is beyond me," President DiClemente said. "He has completely mishandled funding for special education and RTS and he tries to make up for it on the backs of the employees."

Many BENTE positions also remain unfilled, labeled "unessential" by Ansbrow.

Vice President Profetta and President DiClemente presented the grievance to the District's Director of Labor Relations at a Level II hearing last Friday. The Grievance Committee has vowed to take the matter to arbitration if the Union does not receive a favorable decision.

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