UPDATE--COVID, Remote Learning, Effect on BENTE Members

UPDATE--COVID, Remote Learning, Effect on BENTE Members
August 13, 2020

Sisters and Brothers, please take note of this very important update: 

RCSD MOVING TO ALL REMOTE LEARNING: The District has made a decision to forgo the hybrid plan submitted to New York State by Superintendent Myers-Small just a few short weeks ago. Instead, the District will be moving to all-remote learning. 

The Superintendent and the Board of Education will not commit to pay all of our members during the shutdown, which will be a minimum of ten (10) weeks. The District, through its legal team, informed me today that there will be layoffs in areas where staff is not needed. We do not yet know how many or in what areas.  

This is upsetting on many levels, and I will be voicing our frustration to the Superintendent and the Board of Education. Not paying any fraction of our members when they have been steadfast throughout this pandemic is a cowardly act. We will be contacting all of you soon, informing you as to what you can do to help, including contacting the Superintendent and the Members of the Board of Education to express your dissatisfaction. 

I am sorry to have to relay this news to you. Many of you will be anxious, but I do not know any more than what I am telling you at this time. Please know that we will do everything we can to fight for the hardest working people in this District. 

If you have an issue or comment, please do not hesitate to e-mail me directly at dan@bentelocal2419.org. 

In Solidarity, 

Daniel DiClemente, President 

BENTE/AFSCME Local 2419 

“The Support Staff that Supports Students” 

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