The Reasons For Excellus

The Reasons For Excellus
November 9, 2009

There were quite a few reasons that the Health Care Committee decided to go with Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield as the exclusive carrier to provide health insurance benefits:

1. The overall reputation of Excellus, including a presentation that was thorough and inclusive of all situations, which will be helpful during the transition process; such as a dedicated customer service number. Excellus is a well known and widely accepted health insurance provider not only throughout Monroe County, but throughout the world. They also have a web portal called "Healthy You," that is customized specifically for District employees.

2. No referrals and a National network with over 836,000 physicians and over 6,300 hospitals located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

3. Lower Overall Cost (compared to MVP), which results in lower monthly contributions for BENTE members who are paying 15% of the premiums.

4. A Healthy Rewards Program that enables subscribers to earn up to $1,000 in cash per family for living healthier.

5. A Care Coordination Concierge, which is a unique position exclusive to the District designed to assist employees with serious medical conditions.

6. Problems with MVP regarding their network (which is mostly owned by Cigna) and chiropractors and mental health providers refusing to participate.

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