Officers Poke Fun at CFO Ansbrow

Officers Poke Fun at CFO Ansbrow
November 4, 2015

On Halloween Eve, President DiClemente and several Officers stood outside Central Office to the sounds of Thriller and Ghostbusters, handing out flyers that said "No More Ansbrow". A mascot – dressed up with the infamous Stewie mask to symbolize Ansbrow – was also on hand, dancing like a clown and bopping his head like a brainless fool (pictured).

The Union has been at odds with the District's Chief Financial Officer for his failure to value non-teaching positions, slashing what he deems to be "non-essential" jobs at every turn. Recently, he unilaterally increased the health insurance rates 7.8% on active employees despite the fact that the claims data dictates that the rates are to be increased 2.69%.

The Union filed a grievance on the issue that was presented by Vice President Larry Profetta and President Dan DiClemente at a Level II hearing last Friday

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