Message from President DiClemente (4-8-2020)

Message from President DiClemente (4-8-2020)
April 8, 2020

GOOD FRIDAY: If your supervisor is asking you to work on Good Friday, you will be paid in accordance with our Collective Bargaining Agreement, which means that you will receive holiday pay, plus time and one-half for all hours worked. Please enter the time you work as OVT, not REG. 

BUDGET: At last night’s meeting of the Board of Education, suggestions were made by individual board members as to where to find further savings amidst a projected $85 million budget shortfall. The budget gap has increased due to a reduction in funding from New York State caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Written questions were submitted by Board Members to District administration regarding the practicality and potential savings of each of the items proposed.

Superintendent Dade will also offer additional solutions to reduce the gap. Keep in mind that these proposals are in addition to the superintendent’s original budget presentation, which closed a $60 million gap by cutting 39 administrators and 191 teachers and no reduction to BENTE positions.

President Van White/Commissioner Powell:

  • Stop Paying Vendors/Contractors Due to Closure
  • Ensure RCSD Getting Full Benefit of Education Stabilization Fund
  • Approach Bargaining Units Regarding Furloughing RCSD Employees
  • Cut Enrichment Based Courses

​Vice President Elliott:

  • Reduce Contract Transportation
  • Close the LYNCX Program
  • Reduce Funding to BOCES
  • Reduce Supplies and Materials
  • Reduce Technical Services

Commissioner Adams:

  • Have City Fund SRO Program
  • Closing Schools
  • Central Office Re-organization

Commissioner LeBron:

  • Reduce East High EPO
  • Reduce Chiefs
  • Eliminate 15 New FTE Positions
  • Reduce SRO Program
  • Cut New Chief Academic Officer Position
  • Request Capital Fund Deferment
  • Consolidate Office of Innovation
  • Cut from Auditors Claim Budget
  • Reduce BOE Budget
  • Furloughs for Non-instructional Staff at CO

Commissioner Maloy:

  • Reduce All K-8 Schools to K-6
  • Further Reduce CO Administration from 2.57% to 5%
  • Consolidate ELL Placements Within RIA
  • Place Students at Young Mother’s Academy in Another School
  • Neighborhood Schools
  • Cut City-wide Middle School Athletics

Commissioner Sheppard:

  • Reimbursement for State Exams Not Taken
  • Reduce Food Service Staffing to Align w/Meals
  • Request Permission From New York State to Cease Raises
  • Request State Legislation to Increase City MOE

Note: A suggestion was also made to approach each of the bargaining units regarding a potential furlough and/or foregoing future increases to help close the gap. The District has yet to approach us.

Further conversations on the budget will be deliberated by the Board of Education at its meeting on April 14.

FEDERAL AID: AFSCME International is lobbying Congress to take up a fourth bill seeking $300 billion in unrestricted aid for state and local governments; monies that would help support our members.

 I look forward to hearing from you. E-mail me anytime at

In Solidarity,

Daniel DiClemente, President


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