Labor Day Parade / Sea Breeze Tickets

Labor Day Parade / Sea Breeze Tickets
August 27, 2018

Please join us by marching in the Labor Day Parade this Monday September 3rd! We will be lining up near the NYSUT(RTA) building on Union Street beginning at 10:00 am. You may also park at the Service Center on the corner of Hudson and Avenue D and take the yellow school bus, which will be leaving promptly at 9:15. Refreshments will be available upon arrival, and all participants will receive a free t-shirt.

Sea Breeze tickets will be available for marchers at half price! (6 max)

You will need to call the union office at 458-8670  in advance to reserve your Sea Breeze tickets. Tickets will be offered at the price of $15.00 (half price).

Cash will be the only acceptable method of payment. Each member will be given a ticket for each marcher they bring up to a max of 6 tickets. (i.e. 4 marchers, 4 tickets).

Your ticket will include:

Admission to the park and waterslides

All you can eat picnic

Please call the union office for details and to reserive your tickets at 458-8670.

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