BENTE continues to fight for its workers and our jobs

BENTE continues to fight for its workers and our jobs
October 20, 2020

Since last month's notification that lay-offs were coming to members who are essential to BENTE and to the Rochester City School District, the union and its leadership have continued to come together to fight for members, our jobs, and our benefits. Meetings were held, proposals created.  BENTE provided options to the RCSD, ways for the district to utilize our members to better serve the children and families in the Rochester City School District.  Unfortunately, the RCSD chose not only to go ahead with job cuts, but it also rejected plans that would have allowed our members to keep their healthcare.  Below are several reports detailing how BENTE never gives up on its members.

13WHAM: Union criticizes rcsd as non-teaching workers brace for layoffs

President Dan DiClemente interviewed on Bob Lonsberry show

Spectrum: BENTE workers face hurdles after losing jobs

10WHEC: Laid-off non-teaching RCSD employees plea to keep health insurance

Rochesterfirst: 219-non-teaching RCSD employees to lose health insurance by October's end

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