RCSD Closed, Staffing Update

RCSD Closed, Staffing Update
March 15, 2020

The RCSD and all other public school districts in Monroe County are closed indefinitely beginning Monday, March 16th because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello made the announcement on Saturday just hours after he declared a State of Emergency and the Greece Central School District closed their district indefinitely.

Superintendent Dade thanked school personnel who are serving on the front lines at a press conference held earlier today. “Thank you to all of the folks who are sacrificing leaving family members at home to make sure our students are getting what they need.”

The Superintendent reported the following as far as directions on staff reporting:

  • Central Office Staff – all staff should report on Monday, March 16 and obtain further direction from their supervisors. After Monday, CO staff should report based on their supervisor’s discretion.
  • School Staff – All Principals, Assistant Principals, School Secretaries, and Head Custodians should report on Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17. Teachers (and Paras, if desired) can report on Tuesday, March 17, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, to pick up items and work on planning with their school communities.
  • Facilities/Safety & Security/Transportation/Food Service – You will receive directions from your immediate supervisors.

Staff that is not listed above and has not been contacted should not report to work on Monday. Staffing decisions will be evaluated on a daily basis after Tuesday, March 17.

Members who are told to report to work should enter their time and keep a paper log of hours to submit to the Union as proof to be used in a potential grievance hearing. The same is being asked of employees who are required to work from home.

BENTE President Dan DiClemente has been conveying to district leaders concerns about members who fit the criteria of people most at-risk of contracting the coronavirus, as well as those who may be dealing with child care needs and transportation issues. The Union has also been working with the District to make sure appropriate safety equipment is available for staff.

“Our members provide vital services and none of this is more evident than during a crisis or emergency situation,” said BENTE president Dan DiClemente. “No one  knows how long this shutdown could last; it could be weeks or months. We want to help the community through this difficult time while ensuring the safety of our members and enforcing their rights under the contract.”

The BENTE union office will remain open on Monday from 8:00am to 4:00pm to field calls from members who are looking for additional information. You can call 458-8670 or e-mail Dan at dan@bentelocal2419.org.

To compound the problem, Superintendent Dade will be unveiling his 2020-2021 proposed budget on Tuesday. The District is facing a 60 million dollar budget gap for next year, on top of 35 million owed this year.

Members should check the BENTE website at www.bentelocal2419.org and their district e-mail for regular updates from the union.

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