Former BENTE Website Coordinator Passes Away

Former BENTE Website Coordinator Passes Away
September 23, 2016

Lombardo, Vivian M. (Oliveri)

September 11, 2016

One of my very best friends and the loss that all of us in the union office feel is indescribable and one of disbelief. Vivian was a rare person, a genuine friend who meant the world to anyone who knew her.

I am going to miss the funny way she told a story, her laughter and wit and thoughtfulness of others. She would send birthday cards, anniversary cards, cards just to say she was thinking of me. We texted or e-mailed each other weekly if not daily and she always made me laugh, always made me feel better about the tribulations in life.

I regret not getting to spend more face time with her, as she was always spread so thin, always thinking about everyone other than herself. I never thought time would run out on her so quickly...

Whenever we had projects in the union office, I called on Viv because her work ethic, her ability to persuade, her intelligence, her conscientious approach to her job was second to none. She was a dedicated employee who worked tirelessly for the City School District, and continued working for the BENTE union as part-time clerical support and website coordinator right up until the day she passed.

From all of your friends at BENTE, we miss you and we love you. We admire and adore you. We will never forget you.

Daniel DiClemente, President

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