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February Question #1!

Click here for a Fabulous February Contest question!

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Night Shift Pizza Parties and February giveaways!

Every week in January, random schools were selected in order to honor the custodial night staff.  This year’s winners were at #28, #33, #3, and #57 Schools.  Stay tuned for Website Wednesdays in February, where a question will be posted on the BENTE website from a story during the week.  The first person to call the BENTE office with the answer will be awarded a $25 gift card.

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New Union Membership Data Reveal Anti-Worker Assault Is Failing

Despite a multi-million-dollar, decades-long war waged by special interests on public sector workers’ right to join together for a better life, official statistics show 2018 public sector unions like BENTE are holding strong! See the article for more information.

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Bente Day

The first Friday of every month is BENTE Day!

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Meeting Dates

Please click on the link below for a list of meeting dates and events for the 2016-2017 school year:

2018-2019 Meeting Dates

About BENTE Local 2419

BENTE/AFSCME Local 2419 is the support staff that supports students, representing over 1200 dedicated support staff workers throughout the Rochester City School District in the State of New York. Our membership is comprised of eleven units: Central Office, Custodial, Elementary Clerical, Food Services, Plant Maintenance, Secondary Schools, Sentries, Storehouse, Transportation, Occupational & Physical Therapists, and Project Workers.

BENTE stands for the Board of Education Non-teaching Employees, and our union represents hard working men and women that provide the basic necessities of life for your children: cleanliness, security, food, safety, supplies, transportation, and support.

We are consistently working on behalf of our membership to negotiate better contracts that ensure decent health care, equitable raises, and fair treatment in the workplace. Our members are the backbone of the Rochester City School District, and the services that they perform are necessary for schools to operate efficiently.

Daniel DiClemente President

In solidarity,
Daniel DiClemente, President